Fixing a Power Supply: With a Tube of Caulk?

Figure 1: The “caulk tube fix” can be seen behind the transformer.

My Trusty Ten Tec 260 power supply is a nice hefty one: – it’s capable of delivering 28 amps, and that’s enough to power any of my radios with ease.  Unfortunately, the supply developed the “old power supply” malady of producing slightly less-well-filtered DC current.  The first thought for me was that it was the electrolytic capacitors.  I checked the caps with my brand new ESR meter and a capacitor checker.  Oddly, the caps all seemed to check out OK.

Still, it seemed to me that the main filter capacitor was the culprit, because …

Read more about the power supply …


3 thoughts on “Fixing a Power Supply: With a Tube of Caulk?

  1. Hi Ron –
    I was happy to run across your article on the 260 power supply. I have one that has no voltage at the output terminals – I’m hoping it is just the pass transistor(s) as the transformer appears to be good. Do you have a schematic for the 260 that I could get a copy of? Thanks, John W0DC


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