Miscellaneous Comment

Here is a page for miscellaneous postings that don’t fit anywhere else:

SDR monitoring tool:

I’ve been using a little SDR radio (the so-called “Soft66-lite” hardware from zao.jp) for monitoring the “entire CW section” of the ham band I happen to be working at any particular time with my old Omni “A” – which of course itself does not have the ability to listen to anything other than the selected frequency.

I thought the noise floor on the Omni was a little high, and found that unplugging the SDR “band monitor” solved the problem!  It turns out that all wall-wart style switching supplies are not created equal.  Swapping the wall-wart out for a different unit solved the high noise floor issue for the Omni, giving me three S units worth of breathing room.  It’s worth checking your power supplies for RF noise, if you use many of them in your shack.

BTW: I have more posts about the 66 here: Read more about the 66

Homemade tablet gizmos:

While my posts on this site are directly ham radio related, for the most part, I put a lot of mini-projects on one of my other sites, related to things that could be used in ham radio (pieces and parts, accessories, etc):


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